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The girls you wish you knew.

We don't need a dick to have a mohawk!
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Not your typical, average women. We don't need a dick to have a mohawk, and we don't need permission to party. We come from so many different subcultures, but they all add up to one, and that is fucking rock n' roll. A rare breed of tough woman, the kind who'll tell you how the fuck it is and shove it in your face if you don't understand. Yet, still the kind-hearted. Misunderstood by all of society today, but still pulling through, with a shit-eating smile raging through our cherry red, peirced lips. We are the Cunts of Punk Rock.

We have New Rules.

The Rules

  • Absolutely NO ADVERTISING OF COMMUNITIES. Assholes nbsp;Your entry will be deleted, and marked as spam if you do not delete your post within 24 hours. NO EXEPTIONS! 

  • This is not a rating community. No bashing, voting, or comments on any members.

  • If you come in here to bash anything this community applies to, (i.e. mild/strong feminism, punk rock music, Oi!, Crust, etc.) your ass is fucking kicked out of here. And you will be reported for harrasment.

Keep on premoting and bringing in the steady flow of new members!!!



Your Mod,