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here's to the Sids of the world

so after a lot of thinking I've come to a realization.....
its not them, its us.
I'm sure all of you lovely ladies have been through the relationship thing, the breakup thing and the just trying to get some ass thing. Now the get some ass thing is easy as hell, if you're a punkrock cunt than you're fuckin hott and just about anyone would love to tap that. The breakup thing is hard but you've got the crew to pull you back up.. and the relationship thing is rare.
    It takes a REAL man to handle a cunt... not a boy, or some guy, but a real man. Between kicking your ass, drinking you under the table and standing stronger for what we believe in than you could ever dream about (all while rocking fishnets and our favorite boots) its hard to find a decent guy that can deal with all that. We're not exactly your average girls and it takes some real balls to call yourself our boyfriend. So here's to the MEN that can handle a cunt, to the cunts who found their sid, and to the cunts that are looking for a sid to call their own.

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